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Crane Suspended Manbaskets | Standard Models (Round)

Crane Suspended Manbaskets Callout GraphicLTI's Crane-Suspended Manbaskets are known throughout the industry for their excellent protection, heavyweight stability and long service life. Every model comes with our unique detachable Test Weight System, ensuring maximum safety below the hook and full compliance with OSHA. We offer both standard and economy models, and custom designed platforms of almost any shape and size are also available.

LTI's famous yellow and black Standard Model Manbaskets are available in a range of sizes in round, square and rectangular configurations. They provide employees the security of high-strength steel pipe construction and feature our unique detachable Test Weight System.

Features include:

  • Dedicated base-attached suspension system which minimizes platform tipping and provides even load distribution
  • Electrostatic powder coat finish which provides high resistance to impact, abrasions, chemicals and corrosion. (Available in our standard safety yellow and black or choose a custom color of your own.)
  • Unique easy-on/easy-off detachable test weight system
  • Heavy-gauge steel frame and floor grating to provide solid platform support
  • High-strength 0.140” and 0.145” wall, 1.660” and 1.900” O.D. steel pipe structure
  • Four-leg sling assembly suspension system of 1/2” 6x36 IWRC wire rope, secured to a master link, and attached to platform base by swage sockets and clevis pins. Also included is a fifth leg for tie-off to loadline above overhaul ball
  • Sides enclosed with perforated steel plate from toe-board to mid-rail
  • Grab rail inside entire perimeter providing personal fall arrest anchorage in compliance with OSHA, part 1926.502, subpart M
  • Optional access gate, with positive restraining device
  • Optional overhead protection, with perforated steel skylights, 6’ 7” above platform floor
  • Heavy duty plastic data plates provide unit weight, maximum rated load capacity, maximum occupancy, test weight, and serial number
  • A one-year unconditional warranty
  • AWS certified welding procedures
  • Use and Safety Handbook and 13 minute DVD explaining OSHA rule
  • Certificate of OSHA compliance provided with each platform
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Small round with no overhead
38 inch diameter - two man
Fully enclosed - 48in dia
Fully enclosed with removable panels 48in dia
RM1-250 - 26 inch dia
RM1-250S - 21 in dia
RM1-250SOS - 26 in dia enclosed to guard rail height
RM10-2750SO - 78 in dia fully enclosed
RM1-250 19", 21", 26", 32" 250 375 up to 340
RM2-600 38" 600 750 350
RM3-900 48" 900 1125 430
RM4-1200 60" 1200 1500 560

All dimensions are outside dimensions. Rated load capacity of all models may be increased. Access gates are available on most models. Overhead protection is available on all models. LTI welcomes inquiries for custom-designed platforms of almost any size or shape.

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