OSHA Regulations

LTI has built a reputation for the design and manufacture of safe, durable personnel platforms.  Our company was the first to produce Crane-Suspended personnel platforms that met OSHA’s stringent requirements for workplace use and we continue to lead the industry in safety and compliance.  To be directed to the Lifting Technologies OSHA crane suspended personnel platform regulations sheet click here (PDF) or to view OSHA's complete 1926 Regulations click here.

"I took my first real manbasket ride in strong winds about 200 feet up and felt completely safe. There was ample room for the two of us and our tools and the tie offs were located so we could use them and still reach our work. Thanks to the stable manbasket, what could have been a scary experience became a good one. We now have several manbaskets and have never heard a complaint."

Rod Higgins; Mullen Crane