OSHA Regulations

LTI has built a reputation for the design and manufacture of safe, durable personnel platforms.  Our company was the first to produce Crane-Suspended personnel platforms that met OSHA’s stringent requirements for workplace use and we continue to lead the industry in safety and compliance.  To be directed to the Lifting Technologies OSHA crane suspended personnel platform regulations sheet click here (PDF) or to view OSHA's complete 1926 Regulations click here.

"This is what our supervisors and mechanics who are using our crane-suspended and forklift-mounted manbaskets say about Lifting Technologies products: these have been working great in our very tough environment, a combination of dust, water, mud, and rocks. Structurally they are very sound and able to resist high impact, even the paint is able to stand severe conditions. Overall, a great combination of safety and practical design."

Sergio Mendoza, Mechanical Engineer, ASARCO Mission Complex, Sahuarita, AZ