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Forklift Mounted Manbaskets | Custom Sizes / Designs

A few years after LTI's start-up, we begin to get requests for personnel platforms that could be used with a fork truck as a slip-on attachment. We started out with some basic sizes and soon began fielding requests for custom sizes and shapes. If we could design for the customer exactly what they wanted in various areas of shape, size, capacity, etc., they would certainly be more satisfied with their investment in our platform. Customers shouldn't have to settle for what might be on the shelf if they can get exactly what they want.

LTI welcomes inquiries for custom-design platforms of almost any size or shape.

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Forklift platform with shelf for a bin
Cantilevered Forklift Platform
Custom Standard Model Forklift Work Platform – open front with security chains
Custom Forklift Work Platform
Custom Forklift Work Platform open sides and front with security chains
Custom Economy Style Forklift Work Platform with solid floor
Economy Style Forklift Work Platform with drop-down mastguard
Custom Economy Style Forklift Work Platform with access gate centered on front of platform
Forklift mounted manbasket with hinged mast guard
Narrow depth forklift mounted manbasket
Custom forklift platform with oversize fork tubes
Forklift mounted manbasket with safety netting access gate
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