The Quick Claw® Safety System offers another layer of security to your forklift.

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Lifting Technologies offers our Quick Claw® Safety System for purchase separately, in addition to being a standard feature on our forklift personnel platforms.

Easily bolted or welded to any slip-on attachment, the Quick Claw® Safety System will secure any lift attachment, quickly, safely and reliably. 

Built-to-last and fully guaranteed, the Quick Claw® Safety System offers another layer of security when securing an attachment to a forklift.

Benefits of the Quick Claw® System

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  • Safety and Compliance
  • Attachments secured the instant they leave the ground. Compliant with federal and state safety codes.
  • Cuts costs and improves productivity while drivers focus on tasks at hand - without dismounting to secure attachments.
  • Versatility, Reliability, and Value
  • Easily added to any slip-on attachment.

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